BSJ 2019 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2019 Christmas Annual cover

Baring-Gould of Baker Street: The Life and Footprints of William S. Baring-Gould. By Julie McKuras, Timothy J. Johnson, Richard J. Sveum, and Gary Thaden. This year’s Annual presents the man behind The Annotated Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street. Baring-Gould, a promotions director for Time-Life publications, also wrote a biography of Nero Wolfe, … Continue reading BSJ 2019 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual cover

The Exhibitionists: Sherlock Holmes in London 1951 and New York 1952. By Mattias Boström and Nicholas Utechin. In a time of austerity and rationing after WWII, the 1951 Festival of Britain celebrated the best of Britain. And what better figurehead, then, than Sherlock Holmes. The extraordinarily successful exhibition ran from May until September 1951 and attracted … Continue reading BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2017 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2017 Christmas Annual cover

"A Woman of Mystery": Helene Yuhasova, Poetess Laureate of the Baker Street Irregulars. By Sonia Fetherston, BSI and Julie McKuras, BSI. Who was Helene Yuhasova? She was honored as The Woman at the 1946 BSI Dinner, and her BSJ contribution “The Solitary Cyclist Rides Again” was acclaimed at the 1949 BSI Dinner. Yet some reports … Continue reading BSJ 2017 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2016 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2016 Christmas Annual cover

The Day after Christmas: First Encounters with Gillette's Silent Sherlock Holmes. Edited by Russell Merritt, BSI. The 2016 Christmas Annual celebrates the centennial of William Gillette's film Sherlock Holmes. Long thought to be lost, the film was found in 2014 and restored to near-original condition. Russell Merritt, the editor of this volume, was instrumental in … Continue reading BSJ 2016 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2014 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2014 Christmas Annual cover

The Only Actor Who Ever Got It Right: Douglas Wilmer as Sherlock Holmes. Edited by Elaine & Jonathan McCafferty. This tribute to Douglas Wilmer celebrates his classic 1964-65 BBC TV series Sherlock Holmes, and includes Wilmer's 1994 speech to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. The 74-page book has more than a dozen excellent photos, … Continue reading BSJ 2014 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2012 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2012 Christmas Annual cover

Barrymore in Baker Street: “The Great Profile” Meets “The Great Detective,” and They Both Get Their Names Up in Lights by Sonia Fetherston. How come a middling motion picture from 1922 is suddenly receiving praise from movie historians? Why exactly are the experts fired up over the film’s technical side? Today’s critics give a standing … Continue reading BSJ 2012 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2011 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2011 Christmas Annual cover

First Lady by Mary Ann Bradley. Lenore Glen Offord was the first woman to be invested in the Baker Street Irregulars. She wrote mystery novels and for more than thirty years was the mystery book critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. A true Sherlockian, she contributed to the Baker Street Journal from its first year … Continue reading BSJ 2011 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2010 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2010 Christmas Annual cover

From Piff-Pouff to Backnecke: Ronald Knox and 100 Years of “Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes” by Nicholas Utechin, BSI. Ronald Knox presented a paper at Oxford in 1911 that many regard as forming the basis of the Sherlockian Grand Game. His brilliant paper combined a lively humor with nit-picking observations and insights into … Continue reading BSJ 2010 Christmas Annual