BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual cover

The 100-Year Adventure of
The Unique Hamlet.

Edited by Richard Sveum.

When Vincent Starrett wrote “The Unique Hamlet,” he had no idea that his little satire would later be viewed as one of the best Sherlock Holmes pastiches, or that his 1920 Christmas book would become a rare collectible. We celebrate its centennial by publishing the story with commentary on the tale, the book, and its author.

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Table of Contents


The Unique Hamlet
by Vincent Starrett

And It Is Always 1920
by Susan Rice

“They are a strange people, these book collectors”: Vincent Starrett and “The Unique Hamlet”
by Ray Betzner

Book Collecting, Sherlock Holmes, and Vincent Starrett
by Richard Sveum

Absolutely Unique: A History and Census of Starrett’s Hamlet
by Randall Stock

The Unique Starrett
by Julie McKuras

Another Adventure of The Unique Hamlet
by Michael A. Meer



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