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Frequently Asked Questions – BSI Weekend and BSI Events

When is the next BSI Weekend?
See our Event Dates page.

When is the next BSI special event?
See our Event Dates page.

Are BSI events open to the public?
Yes, most BSI events are open to the public, although some require reservations or tickets. The annual BSI Dinner is limited to members of the BSI and invited guests.

How can I get notified about BSI event plans & registration?
Sign up for our free News from the BSI email alerts.

What are the other Sherlockian activities during the BSI Weekend?
See our BSI Weekend page for events arranged by the BSI. A separate website provides details on related events.

How can I get invited to attend the BSI Dinner?
You cannot apply to attend the BSI Dinner. Guest invitations are based on BSI member recommendations.

Are there public records of prior BSI Weekends and BSI Dinners?
Our website contains some BSI Weekend Reports. BSI Dinner details and photos are available at the BSI Trust website. See also the next question.

What books has the BSI published about BSI Events?
For detailed coverage, see this set of BSI Event-related books. Some books covering BSI history might also include BSI Event information. Note that some of the books are no longer in print.

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