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Frequently Asked Questions – The BSI organization

How do I become a member of the BSI?
You do not need to be a member to subscribe to the BSJ, to buy BSI Books, or to attend most BSI Events. For other information, see our BSI Membership page.

How can I find a local Sherlockian group?
First check Peter E. Blau’s listing of Holmes groups (PDF). Next try the Sherlockian.net Societies list. If that does not help, try asking your local library, or search Google using your city name and “Sherlock Holmes group.”

How can I find an online Sherlockian group?
The Sherlockian.net site has useful info on its Societies page and Fandom page.

How can I get notified about BSI activities & publications?
Sign up for our free News from the BSI email alerts.

What is the BSI Dinner?
See our BSI Dinner page.

How can I get invited to attend the BSI Dinner?
You cannot apply to attend the BSI Dinner. Guest invitations are based on BSI member recommendations.

When is the next BSI Weekend?
See our Event Dates page.

Who are the officers of the BSI?
Michael Kean is “Wiggins” (President of the BSI). Peter E. Blau is “Simpson” (Secretary). Robert Katz is “Cartwright.”

Can I make a donation to the BSI?
The BSI is a non-profit educational and literary organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We suggest making donations to the BSI Trust via the BSI Trust website.

How do I contact the BSI?
See our Contact Us page.

What is the history of the BSI?
Read our Brief History of the BSI page, see our History & Biography books, and visit our archive via the BSI Trust website.

What is an investiture?
See the Explanation of BSI Honours & Terms (at the BSI Trust site)

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