Holmes & Watson in Silver Blaze

The BSI is an international literary society. BSI Scion societies are local groups affiliated with the BSI. Membership in Scions is determined by each local group, but many are open to anyone with an interest in Sherlock Holmes.

Membership in the BSI international group is by invitation only. We do not take applications for membership.

BSI members have distinguished themselves in activities related to Sherlock Holmes. Most have contributed to the ongoing study and promotion of the Holmes stories.

Among other accomplishments, those contributions might include things like having papers published in the Baker Street Journal, writing stories or books involving Holmes, participating in BSI-organized events, and taking leadership roles at BSI Scion Societies.

What is a BSI investiture?
When a person becomes a member of the BSI, they receive an investiture. See the BSI Trust website Explanation of BSI Honours.

2016 BSI investitures

Is there a list of BSI members?
Peter E. Blau, “Simpson” (secretary) of the BSI, tracks investitures, two-shilling awards, and The Woman honorees in the official list of Investitured Irregulars (PDF).

Al Gregory, BSI, maintains a list of members alphabetized by their investiture (PDF at Sherlocktron) that also identifies married couples who are both invested in the BSI.

The BSI Trust website provides a year-by-year listing of investitures as part of its BSI Dinner summaries, which also include photos and other information from each BSI Dinner. The first BSI investitures were in 1944.

Where can I get more information?
See our general BSI FAQ.  All other public information regarding membership in the BSI is listed above.

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