Holmes & Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles

What The Baker Street Journal Is Looking For

The BSJ is published by the Baker Street Irregulars as an irregular journal for the entire Sherlockian community. We welcome new voices, as well as familiar ones, whether playing the Game or writing from a Doylean perspective. We cannot, however, use everything that is submitted. We want essays that are:

  • Not previously published
  • Interesting and accessible
  • Of wide interest, although not every essay needs to appeal to every reader
  • Innovative as to topic, insights, or approach, while in the historic spirit of the BSJ
  • Well researched, where appropriate
  • Well written, but not overwritten
  • Fun, without being frivolous

We are not interested in pastiches, parodies, or poetry, all of which can find a good home in other publications.

Please do not hesitate to query in advance to see whether a topic would be of potential interest.

Send all queries and submissions by email to:

Manuscripts submitted to The Baker Street Journal should be sent by e-mail as an attached Word file. Please follow the BSJ Style Sheet (PDF).

All submissions must include your name, e-mail address, home address, and phone number.

Send books, periodicals and all items for the Baker Street Inventory section to:

Dan Andriacco, Editor
The Baker Street Journal
1049 Kreis Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45205

To advertise in the BSJ, see our Advertising page.

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