BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual cover

The 100-Year Adventure of The Unique Hamlet. Edited by Richard Sveum. When Vincent Starrett wrote “The Unique Hamlet,” he had no idea that his little satire would later be viewed as one of the best Sherlock Holmes pastiches, or that his 1920 Christmas book would become a rare collectible. We celebrate its centennial by publishing … Continue reading BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual

The Staunton Tragedy (“The Missing Three-Quarter”)

The Staunton Tragedy dustjacket cover

The Staunton Tragedy. A Facsimile of the Original Manuscript of “The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter” by Arthur Conan Doyle with Annotations and Commentary. Edited, with an Introduction, by Michael F. Whelan, BSI. The Staunton Tragedy begins with a high-quality reproduction of the handwritten manuscript of "The Missing Three-Quarter," along with an annotated transcription and … Continue reading The Staunton Tragedy (“The Missing Three-Quarter”)

Corporals, Colonels and Commissionaires

Corporals, Colonels dustjacket cover

Corporals, Colonels and Commissionaires: The Military and the Sherlockian Canon. Edited by Michael J. Quigley, LCDR, USN (Ret.), BSI and Marsha Pollak, BSI. The Sherlockian Canon begins with John Watson wounded and sick from one war, and ends with an older Watson about to return to service in The War to End All Wars. Military … Continue reading Corporals, Colonels and Commissionaires

“A Quiet Air of Mastery”

A Quiet Air of Mastery front cover

“A Quiet Air of Mastery”: An Appreciation of Michael Francis Whelan. Edited by Leslie S. Klinger, BSI. Michael Whelan was the fifth person to lead The Baker Street Irregulars. After twenty-three years at the helm and podium, he has placed an indelible mark on the organization and prepared us for the future. “A Quiet Air … Continue reading “A Quiet Air of Mastery”