BSJ 2017 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2017 Christmas Annual cover

“A Woman of Mystery”:
Helene Yuhasova, Poetess Laureate of
the Baker Street Irregulars.

By Sonia Fetherston, BSI and Julie McKuras, BSI.

Who was Helene Yuhasova? She was honored as The Woman at the 1946 BSI Dinner, and her BSJ contribution “The Solitary Cyclist Rides Again” was acclaimed at the 1949 BSI Dinner.

Yet some reports ascribe her poetry to Edgar W. Smith, and she has remained a “woman of mystery” until this revealing report by Sonia Fetherston, BSI (“The Solitary Cyclist”) and Julie McKuras, BSI (“The Duchess of Devonshire”).

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Table of Contents


New Jersey (1919-1939)

The White House and The Irregulars (1940-1949)

The Poetry

Ever After (1949-2007)

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