BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual cover

The Exhibitionists: 
Sherlock Holmes in London 1951 and New York 1952.

By Mattias Boström and Nicholas Utechin.

In a time of austerity and rationing after WWII, the 1951 Festival of Britain celebrated the best of Britain. And what better figurehead, then, than Sherlock Holmes. The extraordinarily successful exhibition ran from May until September 1951 and attracted many thousands of visitors.

The Sherlock Holmes Exhibition at Abbey House in 1951 was followed by a less-successful Holmes Exhibition in New York a year later. With vital details from heretofore unpublished papers, the 2018 Christmas Annual tells the full story of these important moments in Sherlockian history.

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London 1951 by Nicholas Utechin
The genesis
Back to Baker Street basics
A society and public house interlude
Outside experts
The pace gathers
A Conan Doyle family interlude
The contents of the exhibition
The catalogue
The day dawned
“Fleet Street on Baker Street”
Other media

New York 1952 by Mattias Boström
The idea of a US exhibition
Getting started
Earning dollars
Off to New York
Thorne and the Conan Doyles
What Adrian was doing
Four weeks before opening
The opening
Things are not going well
The exhibition comes to an end
U.S. report 1952
Returning the items


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