BSJ 2019 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2019 Christmas Annual cover

Baring-Gould of Baker Street:
The Life and Footprints of William S. Baring-Gould.

By Julie McKuras, Timothy J. Johnson, Richard J. Sveum, and Gary Thaden.

This year’s Annual presents the man behind The Annotated Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street. Baring-Gould, a promotions director for Time-Life publications, also wrote a biography of Nero Wolfe, an annotated collection of limericks, and a detailed chronology of the Canon.

The authors have dug into numerous archives and expended endless energy in capturing Baring-Gould, not an easy task more than fifty years after his death. The work is filled with letters and photos that have never before been published.

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Early Life
The Family

Sherlock Holmes
New York
The Trilogy Dinner
“Knowledge of Literature”
The Baker Street Irregulars
The 1950s
Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, The Annotated Mother Goose, and More
“Having Gathered These Facts…”
“She is Always The Woman”
“Fertile Material”


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