The 2020 BSI Weekend Report


Celebrating the 166th birthday of Sherlock Holmes, the 2020 BSI Weekend took place in New York City with events from January 15-19, including the BSI Dinner on Friday January 17.

After 23 years leading the Baker Street Irregulars, Mike Whelan handed over a ceremonial gavel to Michael Kean who is now the new “Wiggins” of the BSI.

Read or download the full 2020 BSI Weekend Report (PDF).

For the BSI Dinner group photo, a list of attendees, and other details, see the BSI Trust page for the 2020 BSI Dinner.

And below is a photo of the nine Sherlockians receiving Investiture certificates at the 2020 BSI Dinner, with Catherine Cooke accepting a certificate on behalf of Freda Howlett.


From Left to Right: Jim Webb, Nancy Holder, Catherine Cooke for Freda Howlett, Mary Alcaro, Frank Cho, Ken Ludwig, Carlina de la Cova, David Richards, and Walter Colby.

2019 Morley-Montgomery Award Winner (given during the 2020 BSI Weekend)

Photos by Ben Vizoskie