BSJ 2016 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2016 Christmas Annual cover

The Day after Christmas:
First Encounters with Gillette’s
Silent Sherlock Holmes.

Edited by Russell Merritt, BSI.

The 2016 Christmas Annual celebrates the centennial of William Gillette’s film Sherlock Holmes. Long thought to be lost, the film was found in 2014 and restored to near-original condition. Russell Merritt, the editor of this volume, was instrumental in making it available to the public once again. He has collected essays from a number of experts on various topics related to the film, and it includes many rare photographs and illustrations.

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Table of Contents

Sherlock Holmes Catches Up with William Gillette
by Phil Cornell.


On First Seeing Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes
by David Mayer.

Scoring Gillette’s Silent Holmes
by Donald Sosin.

Holmes à la Mode: Fashion and Its Influence in Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes
by Lee Amazonas.

A Paper Chase: The Ingenious Prop at the Heart of Gillette’s Movie
by Sonia Fetherston.

Ernest Maupain—Professor Moriarty
by Thierry Saint-Joanis.

Adaptation and Film Style in Sherlock Holmes
by Palle Schantz Lauridsen.

Reviewing Gillette on Screen
by Timothy S. Greer.

The Play, Its Publishing History, with a Side Order of Plates
by Nicholas Utechin.


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