Education Never Ends

Education Never Ends dustjacket cover

Education Never Ends: Educators, Education and the Sherlockian Canon. Edited by Marino C. Alvarez, Ed.D., BSI, and Timothy S. Greer, BSI. Teaching, learning, education, and educators are all integral parts of the Canon. Education Never Ends encompasses the entire field, providing an informative yet entertaining survey of the topic. An entire faculty of educators and … Continue reading Education Never Ends

Nerve and Knowledge

Nerve and Knowledge cover

Nerve and Knowledge: Doctors, Medicine and the Sherlockian Canon. Edited & introduced by Robert S. Katz, MD, BSI, and Andrew L. Solberg, MHS, BSI. "When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals. He has nerve and he has knowledge." —Sherlock Holmes in "The Speckled Band" Medical issues and motifs heavily influence … Continue reading Nerve and Knowledge