Stimulating Medicine

Stimulating Medicine dustjacket cover

Stimulating Medicine:
More Nerve and Knowledge.

Edited by
Robert S. Katz, MD, BSI and
Andrew L. Solberg, MHS, BSI.

Diagnosis, disease, and doctors are an essential part of the Sherlock Holmes stories. A series written by a physician (Conan Doyle), through the eyes of a physician (Watson), and with a detective based on a physician (Joe Bell) is naturally filled with medical issues and diagnostic challenges.

Following on the success of Nerve and Knowledge, this entirely new volume demonstrates the depth of medical topics covered in the Canon. Issues involving aneurysms, hospital organizations, blindness, and the impact of Conan Doyle on subsequent physician authors, are covered with insight and wit.

Grab hold of a metaphorical stethoscope, listen and learn as we take another stimulating ride through the Canon.

240 pages, 9″ x 6″ hardcover, December 2022
With 15 b&w illustrations

Stimulating Medicine

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Table of Contents for Stimulating Medicine

Series Editor’s Preface
by Marsha L. Pollak, MLS

A Glass of Some Stimulating Medicine: Editors’ Introduction
by Robert S. Katz, MD and Andrew L. Solberg, MHS

The Scarlet Thread of Venery: What Killed Jefferson Hope?
by Marilynne McKay, MD

Rachel’s Howl
by Donald Pollock, MD, PhD

Why Was the Detective Supposed to Die?
by Julie McKuras, RN

A Doctor Examines “The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire”
by Richard J. Sveum, MD

Sholto’s Valves: The Key to The Sign of Four
by Pasquale Accardo, MD and Jennifer Accardo, MD MSCE

Observing but Not Seeing: Ophthalmic Issues in the Canon
by Richard S. Witlin, MD, FACS

On the Death of a Spouse: Watson’s Bereavement
by Marsha L. Pollak, MLS

The Psychopathology of James Moriarty
by Stefano Guerra, MD and Enrico Solito, MD

Marfan Syndrome: Seeking History in a Tall Tale
by William A. Walsh, JD

“Pandemic, My Dear Watson”: Conan Doyle, Influenza, and Other Canonical Plagues
by Mary Alcaro, PhD

Holmes’s Early Retirement
by Maria Fleischhack, PhD

Gruner’s Girls: Sadomasochism or a Dirty Little Threesome?
by Robert J. Stek, PhD

The Forbidden Topic: Spousal Abuse in the Canon
by Monica M. Schmidt, MA, LMHC, IADC

Highway to Helston: Inhaled and Irreversible (?) Insanity
by Marina Stajić, PhD

Healthcare and Homicide: From Grimesby Roylott to Harold Shipman
by Ira Brad Matetsky, JD

Mary Sutherland: Myopic or Unintelligent?
by Jenn Eaker

All About Brandy – Why is It Considered “Medicine”?
by Mike McSwiggin, PharmD

Watson’s Recovery: The Base Hospital at Peshawar
by Lynn E. Walker, DMin

Doctors Courageous: From The Stark Munro Letters to the Ascent of The Citadel
by Mark Jones, PhD

From Altamont to Ashenden
by Mark Alberstat

The Doctor’s Influence: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Michael Crichton
by Nancy Holder

The Doctor Is Still In: Contributors

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The Baker Street Irregulars, the literary society focused on Sherlock Holmes, publishes The Professions Series to examine the roles played by various professions in the Sherlockian Canon.

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