Autumn 2022 BSJ

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The Autumn 2022 Baker Street Journal includes these articles:

The Editor’s Gas-Lamp.

Sherlock Holmes in the Harper & Brothers Records
by Ira Brad Matetsky.

It Is Always Nineteen Fifty-Five
by Sonia Fetherston.

Sherlock Holmes and the (Neck)Ties that Bind
by David L. Leal.

Herschel and Babbage—Holmes and Watson
by Richard J. Leskosky.

William Gillette: A Life on the Stage
by Greg Darak.

The Commonplace Book.

Baker Street Inventory.

Sherlock Holmes and the British Empire: A Report
by Ray Betzner.

Letters to Baker Street.

“Stand with me here upon the terrace . . .”


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The Editor’s Gas-Lamp

“Do you need anybody?”
by Steven Rothman, Editor

Steven Rothman, Editor, The Baker Street Journal

There are many paths to being a Sherlockian. Our friend Nicholas Utechin (“The Ancient British Barrow”), who died recently (and will be the subject of an obituary in the next issue of the BSJ), traveled several of them.

Nick joined the Sherlock Holmes Society of London (SHSL) in 1966 at age 14, and almost immediately began writing Sherlockian scholarship. His first published piece, a letter, appeared in the Sherlock Holmes Journal in 1966. Shortly thereafter his byline appeared in Shades of Sherlock, a publication of the Three Students Plus a scion for young Sherlockians, and in the BSJ by 1971. He would go on to edit the Sherlock Holmes Journal for 30 years, even as he wrote books (scholarly and pastiche) and edited others. Nick never seemed to decline a chance to add to and preserve Sherlockian knowledge. His in-depth appreciation of Jay Finley Christ, another prolific scholar, appeared in the Summer BSJ.

Nick made countless presentations, scholarly and otherwise. He even umpired (impartially) the annual cricket match between the P. G. Wodehouse Society and the SHSL. After stepping down from the SHJ, Nick probably became more active. The pandemic allowed him to give talks to groups all over without leaving his home.

Nick did whatever he could to make our small world better. He tried his best to befriend everyone who followed their heart to Baker Street. He stands as a model of Sherlockian behavior both as a scholar and as a friend. We should all try our best to promote ways of enjoying Holmes and of making, and keeping, friends.

The Editor’s Gas-Lamp, Autumn 2022, Vol. 72, No. 3.

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