Canon Law

Canon Law dustjacket cover

Canon Law:
Lawyers, Law and the Sherlockian Canon.

Edited & introduced by
William A. Walsh, BSI, and
Donny Zaldin, BSI.

Murder, blackmail, domestic strife, imprisonment. Without all of these, there would be no need for Sherlock Holmes. Canon Law examines nearly every aspect of the legal profession and the laws themselves as they are represented in the Holmes stories.

A learned and expert group of lawyers and other scholars delve into topics either not previously covered in the Sherlockian literature or not yet discussed in this depth. The articles are carefully researched and well-written and the book culminates in the trial of Sherlock Holmes himself!! How does Holmes fare in the dock? Is he guilty as charged or innocent? The verdict is in this volume.

216 pages, 9″ x 6″ hardcover, December 2018
With 2 b&w illustrations

Canon Law

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Table of Contents for Canon Law

General Editor’s Foreword
by Marsha Pollak

Holmes Called to the Bench: An Introduction
by William A. Walsh and Donny Zaldin

Sherlock Holmes: His Knowledge of British Law
by Donny Zaldin and Barbara Rusch

Homicide and Punishment: Murder in the Sherlockian Canon
by Ira Brad Matetsky

“The Abbey Grange”: An Interaction of Matrimonial Law and Criminal Law
by Peter Horrocks

He Needed Killin’: Law vs. Justice in the Sherlockian Canon
by Bill Mason

Victorian Blackmail
by Caroline Mitchell and Kevin Song

Pulling the Family Purse Strings: The Power over Property
by Sabina Hollis

The “Ferrers Documents”: Breach of Promise of Marriage
by Hartley R. Nathan

Sherlock Holmes: Expert Witness
by Ross E. Davies

“What One Man Can Invent Another Can Discover”: The British Patent Controversy and the Sherlock Holmes Canon
by Betsy Rosenblatt

The Insanity Defense: Did the Devil Make Them Do It?
by Michael B. Miller

Victorian and Edwardian Prisons
by Anthony J. Czarnecki

Mycroft Holmes: Britannia’s Master Spy
by Brenda Rossini

“T” Is for Trial
by Clifford S. Goldfarb

Rex v. Sherlock Holmes
Overview of the Trial
by William A. Walsh and Donny Zaldin

Sketch of Sherlock Holmes in the Dock
by Laurie Fraser Manifold

by Donny Zaldin

Case for the Crown
by Jayantika Ganguly and Michael Homer

Statement of the Defendant, Sherlock Holmes
by Donny Zaldin and William A. Walsh

Decision of the Court, 1919
by Hon. Al Rosenblatt

Decision of the Court Revisited, 2019
by Hon. Al Rosenblatt

The Usual Suspects: Contributors

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About the Series

The Baker Street Irregulars, the literary society focused on Sherlock Holmes, publishes The Professions Series to examine the roles played by various professions in the Sherlockian Canon.

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