Education Never Ends

Education Never Ends dustjacket cover

Education Never Ends:
Educators, Education and the Sherlockian Canon.

Edited by
Marino C. Alvarez, Ed.D., BSI, and
Timothy S. Greer, BSI.

Teaching, learning, education, and educators are all integral parts of the Canon. Education Never Ends encompasses the entire field, providing an informative yet entertaining survey of the topic. An entire faculty of educators and researchers discuss this critical aspect of the Holmes stories.

Beginning with an overview of education and schooling in the era of Holmes and Watson, this book branches out to cover a wide variety of issues. How was Holmes educated? What did he study? How did he learn to become a great reasoner? What about teachers in the Canon? How are the Holmes stories themselves used as teaching tools at every level of education, from primary schools to universities?

Those who seek knowledge about the Canon will find much to learn from this book. The volume will be a resource, an addition to any library, and a font of information. When it comes to Sherlock Holmes, school is elementary and beyond….

224 pages, 9″ x 6″ hardcover, December 2019
With 33 b&w illustrations

Education Never Ends

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Table of Contents for Education Never Ends

by Michael Dirda

General Editor’s Preface
by Marsha Pollak

The Sherlockian Canon and the Art of Educating: An Introduction
by Marino C. Alvarez, Ed.D. and Timothy S. Greer

Education and the Victorian Era
As Much as I Can: The Education of Arthur Conan Doyle
by Mattias Boström

The Baker Street Detective Division
by Kenneth Carr

The Ragged Schools and Their Scholars
by Marino C. Alvarez, Ed.D.

Public Education and the Board Schools: “Beacons of the Future” or Cauldrons of Controversy?
by Richard T. Ryan, MA

Holmes and Education
The Education of Sherlock Holmes
by Martin Fido

Sherlock Holmes: Physician as Detective/Detective as Physician
by Robert S. Katz, MD

Sherlock Holmes and the Visualization of Late Victorian London
by Alex Werner

Sherlock Holmes: Master and Maestro
by Henry Boote

Sherlock Holmes’s Intellect: Observe, Deduce, and Chill
by Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.

Instances of Holmes Using the Scientific Method
by James O’Brien, Ph.D.

Actor as Detective, Detective as Teacher
by Curtis Armstrong

Educational Reflections in The Canon
Canonical Teachers
by Timothy S. Greer

Lomax, the Sub-Librarian and the London Library
by Catherine Cooke, MA

Using Education to Promote the Study of the Sherlockian Canon: Essays for Educators
Teaching Sherlock Holmes at the Elementary School Level
by Shannon L. Carlisle, MA.Ed

Teaching Sherlock Holmes at the Middle School Level
by Rob Nunn, MS

Teaching Sherlock Holmes at the High School Level
by Timothy S. Greer

Teaching Sherlock Holmes at the College Level
by Ashley D. Polasek, Ph.D.

Lessons from the Beacon Society
by Francine Kitts

Chalk Talk: Contributors

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The Baker Street Irregulars, the literary society focused on Sherlock Holmes, publishes The Professions Series to examine the roles played by various professions in the Sherlockian Canon.

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