My Scientific Methods

My Scientific Methods dustjacket cover

My Scientific Methods:
Science in the Sherlockian Canon.

Edited by
Dana Richards, BSI.

Sherlock Holmes might not have invented the field of forensic science, but he certainly popularized it and demonstrated the value of science in solving crimes.

My Scientific Methods provides the first comprehensive analysis of the overall role of science in the Sherlockian Canon. Biology, chemistry, anthropology, and archaeology are just a few of the subjects evaluated here, along with an overview of science in the late nineteenth century.

The Canon begins in a laboratory where Holmes is researching tests for hemoglobin. That scientific curiosity propels him throughout the sixty stories. Look down your microscopes, light up your Bunsen burners, and prepare for a chain reaction that takes you through the scientific life of Sherlock Holmes

256 pages, 9″ x 6″ hardcover, July 2022
With 42 b&w illustrations

My Scientific Methods

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Table of Contents for My Scientific Methods

General Editor’s Foreword
by Marsha Pollak

by Dana Richards

Science in Victorian England
“Scientist”: The Philosophy of Science until 1880
by Dana Richards

Scientists in the Canon: Survey Says—Nothing Conclusive, but Something Suggestive
by Marshall S. Berdan

From the Science of Deduction to Pseudo-Science
by Michael W. Homer

Scientific Disciplines
Holmes and Biology
by Bernard Lightman

“A Fellow Who Is Working at the Chemical Laboratory”
by Christopher A. Zordan

From Certainty to Uncertainty: Sherlock Holmes and Physics
by Calvert Markham

Sherlock Holmes and the Beginning of Modern Forensic Science
by David R. Zauner

Archaeology in the Canon
by Mark Schwartz

Anthropological Thought in the Canon
by Carlina de la Cova

Science, Sociology, and Holmes
by Ketaki Dwivedi

Tibet You Were Not Paying Attention
by Monica M. Schmidt

Asteroids, Comets and the Structure of the Solar System
by William A. Walsh

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: Sherlock Holmes, Meteorologist?
by Randy Cerveny

Tripping over the Tripos
by S. Brent Morris

“Full Speed Ahead, Engineer”
by David Richards

Street Urchins Need Not Apply: Sherlock Holmes and the Art of Software Testing
by Melinda Caric

Science and Fiction
Exploring the Edge of the Unknown: Arthur Conan Doyle and the Borderlands of Science
by Mark Jones and Paul M. Chapman

Sherlock Holmes and the Romance of Science
by Anastasia Klimchynskaya

Techno-Rebel: A Case for Steampunk Holmes
by Ashley D. Polasek

The Binomial Theorists: Contributors

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