The e-Baker Street Journal v2

The e-Baker Street Journal v2 (eBSJ) cover

The eBSJ Version 2 PDF archive provides a complete set of The Baker Street Journal from its inception in 1946 through 2011 on a single DVD in PDF format. With 276 issues and more than 18,000 pages spanning all of the Old Series, the Christmas Annuals, and the New Series through 2011, you won't find … Continue reading The e-Baker Street Journal v2

BSJ 2011 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2011 Christmas Annual cover

First Lady by Mary Ann Bradley. Lenore Glen Offord was the first woman to be invested in the Baker Street Irregulars. She wrote mystery novels and for more than thirty years was the mystery book critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. A true Sherlockian, she contributed to the Baker Street Journal from its first year … Continue reading BSJ 2011 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2010 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2010 Christmas Annual cover

From Piff-Pouff to Backnecke: Ronald Knox and 100 Years of “Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes” by Nicholas Utechin, BSI. Ronald Knox presented a paper at Oxford in 1911 that many regard as forming the basis of the Sherlockian Grand Game. His brilliant paper combined a lively humor with nit-picking observations and insights into … Continue reading BSJ 2010 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2009 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2009 Christmas Annual cover

"Did you notice nothing curious about that advertisement?" By Peggy Perdue. Sherlock Holmes, a mainstay of books, movies, television, theatre, and websites has also graced many an advertising campaign over the years. The 2009 BSJ Christmas Annual, written by Peggy Perdue, curator of the Toronto Public Library's Arthur Conan Doyle Collection examines the astonishing array … Continue reading BSJ 2009 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2008 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2008 Christmas Annual cover

Reading the Signs: Some Observations and Aperçus on Film and Television Adaptations of The Sign of the Four. By David F. Morrill, BSI. Bringing to motion picture and television screens a simple story of past misdeeds, greed, and revenge like The Sign of the Four should be easy. But it isn't. Because audiences have traditionally … Continue reading BSJ 2008 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2004 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2004 Christmas Annual cover

Dubious and Questionable Memories: A History of the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes. By Susan Rice, ASH, BSI, 2s. This series of Annuals has mostly, since its resurrection in 1998, dealt with specific issues in Sherlockian history. This installment continues to mine that vein. The estimable Susan Rice, ASH, BSI, 2s. ("Beeswing") gathered contributions from a … Continue reading BSJ 2004 Christmas Annual