BSJ 2003 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2003 Christmas Annual cover

"The Strength and Activity of Youth": The Junior Sherlockian Movement. By Stephen Clarkson, BSI. This annual is most interesting. It describes the activities of younger Sherlockians in the '60s and '70s. The late editor Stephen Clarkson ("Morse Hudson") gathered many first-hand accounts of Sherlockian activity from survivors of that distant era. Many respected Irregulars and … Continue reading BSJ 2003 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2002 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2002 Christmas Annual cover

Tilting at Windmills: Denis Conan Doyle and the Baker Street Irregulars by Richard Lancelyn Green, BSI. The 2002 Annual covers such topics as The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes and the Doyle brothers' battles with Ellery Queen and their publishers. It also deals with the sudden demise of The Baker Street Journal and the general unhappiness … Continue reading BSJ 2002 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2001 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2001 Christmas Annual cover

On the Shoulders of Giants: Jack Tracy and the Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana by Christopher and Barbara Roden, BSIs. While Sherlock Holmes pastiches are popular, it's very rare for scholarly Sherlockian volumes to reach a wide audience. Yet in the 1970s, Jack Tracy produced an encyclopedia that sold over 10,000 copies in the U.S. alone in its … Continue reading BSJ 2001 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2000 Christmas Annual

BSJ 2000 Christmas Annual cover

History of the Silver Blaze. By Wayne B. Swift, BSI. As the BSI's expert on race horses and horse racing, Wayne Swift offers the last word on the history of the Silver Blaze races. Swift has discovered more about the connections between the BSI and the turf than anyone, including himself, had heretofore suspected. 66 … Continue reading BSJ 2000 Christmas Annual

BSJ 1999 Christmas Annual

BSJ 1999 Christmas Annual cover

The Best of the Pips Volume II: More Papers on the Sundial. By Albert M. Rosenblatt, BSI. The Five Orange Pips is one of the oldest and most distinguished Sherlockian societies. They published their first collection, The Best of the Pips, in 1955. Now Al Rosenblatt has assembled a new collection that rivals its celebrated … Continue reading BSJ 1999 Christmas Annual

BSJ 1998 Christmas Annual

BSJ 1998 Christmas Annual cover

"Entertainment and Fantasy": The 1940 BSI Dinner. By Jon L. Lellenberg, BSI. Of all the BSI Dinners, the one held on January 30, 1940 could well be the most significant. Partly a publication party for Vincent Starrett’s 221B: Studies in Sherlock Holmes, it helped to revive the BSI after a four year hiatus. It was … Continue reading BSJ 1998 Christmas Annual