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We offer PDF reprints of individual articles from any regular issue of the BSJ from 1946 through 2011 for $5.00 each. Reprints from 2012 or later are not available.

Our eBSJ PDF Archive (1946-2011) is available on DVD and includes all articles and BSJ Christmas Annuals from 1946 through 2011. Printed copies of some BSJ Christmas Annuals published before 2009 are also still available.

Article reprints will be sent via e-mail as PDF files and can be viewed using Acrobat Reader or other PDF viewers.

If you want a reprint from 1946-2011:

1) Click the Add to Cart button (below) to begin checkout
2) Pay for the reprint
3) Then email us with the following information:
– volume and issue number (or year / month)
– title of the article
– page number (if available)

If you don’t have all these details, we might be able to identify the article if you can provide the author and title, but please provide as much information as possible. We will refund your payment if we cannot find or provide the article.

Note: You can order more than one article at a time. In the shopping cart, just change the quantity to the number of articles you want (each costs $5) and list each of the desired articles in your email to us.

BSJ Article Reprint

$5.00 – PDF delivered via e-mail

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