BSJ 2001 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2001 Christmas Annual cover

On the Shoulders of Giants:
Jack Tracy and the Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana

by Christopher and Barbara Roden, BSIs.

While Sherlock Holmes pastiches are popular, it’s very rare for scholarly Sherlockian volumes to reach a wide audience. Yet in the 1970s, Jack Tracy produced an encyclopedia that sold over 10,000 copies in the U.S. alone in its first edition. Based on Jack’s extensive correspondence, the 2001 Christmas Annual provides the history of how this seminal work was conceived, created, and published.

68 pages, December 2001

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BSJ 2001 Christmas Annual

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The Development of Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana

A Decline in the Author—Publisher Relationship

Published at Last

The Rest of the Story

Authors’ Note



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