BSJ 2005 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2005 Christmas Annual cover

Once a Week in Baker Street:
The Boucher-Green Years

by H. Paul Jeffers, BSI.

The 2005 Christmas Annual offers a look at The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes radio series in the years 1945 to 1947 when it was written by the famous team of Anthony Boucher and Denis Green. Noted author and Irregular H. Paul Jeffers (“Wilson Hargreave”) has used the correspondence between Boucher and Green to give us an insider’s perspective on the business of putting Sherlock Holmes on the air. See their disputes with producers! Thrill to their contempt for Petri Wine! Marvel at their ability to fill thirty minutes of airtime each week!

68 pages, December 2005

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BSJ 2005 Christmas Annual

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Seeing Footsteps in the Fog

The Beginning of a Singular Partnership

Come and Sit by the Fire

Wives’ Tales, Bull Elephant, Limping Ghost, and Thor Bridge

What’s in a Name?

The Game’s Afoot

You Never Know About Radio

The Business of Writing

Exit Basil

Summertime Job

Giant Shoes to Fill

Things Aren’t Good

When Things Start Happening

Old Habits are Hard to Break

Stand With Me Here Upon The Terrace

A Few Statistics


For Your Sherlockian Listening Pleasure

The Boucher and Green Scripts

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