Japan and Sherlock Holmes

Japan and Sherlock Holmes cover

Japan and Sherlock Holmes.

Edited and translated by Yuichi Hirayama,
Masamichi Higurashi, and Hirotaka Ueda.

Japan and Sherlock Holmes translates into English the best non-fiction writings of Japan for an audience previously unable to enjoy this treasure trove of Sherlockian scholarship. This anthology spans a period from 1911 to the present, and was edited by three members of the BSI as the first volume in the International Series.

It contains many Sherlockian analytical pieces, such as Stapleton’s true identity, a comparison between The Count of Monte Cristo and A Study in Scarlet, and an article which definitively answers all questions pertaining to “The Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant.” There is a charming homage to Japan’s Sherlockian father, Dr. Kohki Naganuma, and a very early account of a Japanese journalist’s 1910 meeting with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in London.

193 pages, hardcover, December 2004.

Japan and Sherlock Holmes

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Table of Contents for Japan and Sherlock Holmes


Now and Then of Japanese Sherlockiana (A Brief History)
by Masamichi Higurashi

Influence of the Canon on Japanese Detective Stories
by Yuichi Hirayama

A Short History of the Juvenile Version of Sherlock Holmes Tales in Japan
by Hirotaka Ueda

An Interview with Mr. Conan Doyle
by Kan-ichi Ando

Professor Moriarty
by Fuboku Kosakai

On Conan Doyle
by Saburo Kohga

Japan Chapter of The Baker Street Irregulars
by Edogawa Rampo

Poe and Doyle
by Edogawa Rampo

Sherlock Holmes and “Baritsu”
by Shinken Makino

Some Observations on Tobacco
by Kohki Naganuma

Whereabouts of the Man with the Twisted Lip
by Yuro Nakagawa

Is It Possible to Use a Fiend Dog for Murder?—Analyzing The Hound of the Baskervilles
by Tatsuo Saneyoshi

Could Holmes Have Had Lunch in a Dining Car?
by Shigeru Koike

The True Identity of Stapleton
by Shin-ichi Kanto

The Count of Monte Cristo and A Study in Scarlet
by Fumitaka Sasano

Fishing with Cormorants
by Ryohei Matsushita

On the Content of “The Dynamics of an Asteroid”
by Koji Hashimoto

The True Identity of the King of Bohemia
by Yuichi Hirayama

Sherlock Holmes: The Chronology of His Adventures
by Toshio Suzuki

The Adventure of William K. Burton in Japan
by Takashi Ishii

The Baker Street Irregulars’ Dinner in the Snow
by Tsukasa Kobayashi and Akane Higashiyama

The Death of a Soldier
by On Watanabe

Art in the Blood
by Tsutomu Iwamoto

A Clue for the “Without A Clue”
by Seiji Kasahara

Error Margin of the Number of the Bricks Under 3%
by Kiyoshi Tanaka

The Tokyo Mentor, Forever and Ever
by Fumiyoshi Takahashi



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