Summer 2020 BSJ

The Summer 2020 BSJ cover

The Summer 2020 Baker Street Journal includes these articles:

The Editor’s Gas-Lamp.

Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Anthropology
by Theodora Goss.

Conan Doyles and Automobiles
by Mark Alberstat.

Here Lies Birdy Edwards
by William S. Dorn.

Inked: A Brief Examination of Historical and Canonical Tattoos
by Tracy J. Revels.

Back to His Native Strand
by Michael V. Eckman.

My Sherlock: Excerpts from a Talk Given on the Subject of The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols
by Nicholas Meyer.

The Commonplace Book.

Baker Street Inventory.

Letters to Baker Street.

“Stand with me here upon the terrace . . .”


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The Editor’s Gas-Lamp

“The plagues were my passion”
by Steven Rothman, Editor

Steven Rothman, Editor, The Baker Street Journal

None of us may ever see a better time to be a Sherlockian. Staying Steve, at home would have been ideal for misanthropic Mycroft. And Sherlock “loathed every form of society with his whole bohemian soul.” Did they, did we, ever imagine that the whole world would voluntarily descend into a state of self-quarantine? Yet this sabbatical period in our lives, when we suddenly cannot enter a room filled with others, does allow for distraction.

Baker Street offers just that. Holmes and Watson don’t have to self-isolate. They venture out into the London night or visit the countryside with nothing to worry them but murderers, thieves, hellhounds, vampires, creeping men, counterfeiters, ancient rituals, unfaithful spouses, government secrets, criminal colonels, masterminding mathematicians, and such. The pair has no invisible deadly foe lurking on doorknobs, floating on air, waiting silently to leap off packages, and counting its victims in the hundreds of thousands. We can feel safer knowing that the dangers they face are so different from our own.

It will be a long period without any Sherlockian meetings except on-line. The formal and informal gatherings of friends have become, briefly(?), a historical artifact. We have truly been reduced to John Bennett Shaw’s crack about Sherlockian societies: all you need are two Sherlockian and a bottle; and in a pinch, you can do without the other Sherlockian. We have all been pinched by Covid-19. But the Sherlockian world is wide, deep, and resolute. Our activities continue in a virtual manner. We can walk those seventeen steps together, while staying six feet apart.

The Editor’s Gas-Lamp, Summer 2020, Vol. 70, No. 2.

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