BSJ 2012 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2012 Christmas Annual cover

Barrymore in Baker Street:
“The Great Profile” Meets “The Great Detective,”
and They Both Get Their Names Up in Lights

by Sonia Fetherston.

How come a middling motion picture from 1922 is suddenly receiving praise from movie historians? Why exactly are the experts fired up over the film’s technical side? Today’s critics give a standing ovation to John Barrymore’s almost century-old performance . . . what’s with that? The story behind Goldwyn Pictures’ silent film Sherlock Holmes turns out to be something of a blockbuster itself, a tale of courtroom wrangling, war profiteers, his-and-hers egos, state censorship, and cutting edge experimentation—both technical and artistic. Sprinkle in some Playboy money, listen for the whispers of a Hollywood gossip queen, add a pinch of Marilyn Monroe, and Sherlock Holmes emerges as a real life adventure.

* * *

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Admit One.

The Coming Attraction.

Enter Barrymore.

Casting Call.

From Crew to Critics.

Sherlock Holmes, the Sequel.

Fade Out.


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