Autumn 2012 BSJ

The Autumn 2012 BSJ cover

The Autumn 2012 Baker Street Journal includes these articles:

The Editor’s Gas-Lamp.

The Leak
by Mattias Boström.

Why He Isn’t “Sir Sherlock” Today
by Peter Calamai.

In the Cold Snow
by Mia Stampe Lagergaard.

The Second Smartest Criminal in London
by James Zych.

The Lady and Her Maid
by Judith Freeman.

Muskets of Maiwand
by Laurie Fraser Manifold.

The Baker Street Station
by Julie McKuras.

In Praise of the Pastiche
by David Marcum.

A Case of Mistaken Identity
by Otto Penzler.

Art in the Blood
by Scott Bond.

The Commonplace Book.

Baker Street Inventory.

The French Artist
by Basil Chap.

My First Meeting with Sherlock Holmes
by Maria Fleischhack.

The Sherlockian Societies.

Letters to Baker Street.


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The Editor’s Gas-Lamp

“Happy talk”
by Steven Rothman, Editor

Steven Rothman, Editor, The Baker Street Journal

How did you first meet other Sherlockians? Was it at school, at a library, in a bookshop, through the mail, or on the Internet? It really makes little difference. What matters is recalling the excitement with which you were finally able to talk about the stories and the characters with someone else. This conversation, in fact, is what changes us from solitary reader to Sherlockian.

Every description of the Baker Street Irregulars’ January weekend includes the conversations. The clamor of people excitedly talking, exchanging thoughts, updating lives, is as thrilling as the noise level is high.

For connecting people, the Internet is a thing of wonder. But as immediate as machine-enabled chatting is, it doesn’t compare to conversing face to face. For such conversation, local societies are invaluable. In smaller, more frequent gatherings, Sherlockians can hear talks, share views, eat, drink, and—of course—chat. If you don’t have a local group near you, think about starting one. If you need help discovering nearby groups and Sherlockian resources, here’s a great place to begin:

If the thought of running a group seems too daunting, try creating a Meetup in your area. All you have to do is select a time and place a few weeks in advance and see who turns up. You already know that Sherlockian conversation will follow and maybe a local society, too.

The important thing is to reach out to other Sherlockians, enjoy their knowledge and their enthusiasm, and share yours with them.

The Editor’s Gas-Lamp, Autumn 2012, Vol. 62, No. 3.

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