BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual cover

The 100-Year Adventure of The Unique Hamlet. Edited by Richard Sveum. When Vincent Starrett wrote “The Unique Hamlet,” he had no idea that his little satire would later be viewed as one of the best Sherlock Holmes pastiches, or that his 1920 Christmas book would become a rare collectible. We celebrate its centennial by publishing … Continue reading BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual

The 2021 BSI Weekend Report

Michael Kean at the 2021 BSI Dinner

For the first time in its history, the BSI Weekend took place online, with events from January 7-10, including the BSI Dinner on Friday January 8, 2021. The virtual events allowed more people to attend the activities, with almost 400 watching the BSI Distinguished Speaker Lecture by Andrew Lycett. The annual BSI Dinner featured the … Continue reading The 2021 BSI Weekend Report

Autumn 2020 BSJ

The Autumn 2020 BSJ cover

The Autumn 2020 Baker Street Journal includes these articles: The Editor’s Gas-Lamp. Just Add Goodwin: Nero Wolfe Showed Mycroft’s Potential as a Detective by Jonathan Tiemann. The World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript, the World’s Greatest Detective, and the Woman by Jay Cole. Watson, Lomax, and the Goodly Volume: Observations on “The Illustrious Client” by Maxine Reneker … Continue reading Autumn 2020 BSJ

2019 Morley-Montgomery Award

Ira B. Matetsky

The winner of the 2019 Morley-Montgomery Award is Ira B. Matetsky. His paper, “Another Sherlockian Myth Debunked: Time to Turn the Page(t)?,” appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of the Baker Street Journal. The Morley-Montgomery Award is given each year for the best article to appear in The Baker Street Journal, and comes with a generous cash … Continue reading 2019 Morley-Montgomery Award

Winter 2019 BSJ

The Winter 2019 BSJ cover

The Winter 2019 Baker Street Journal includes these articles: The Editor’s Gas-Lamp. Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Vincent Starrett by Leslie S. Klinger. Reconsidering Canonical Characters by David L. Leal. Sherlock Holmes vs. Hitler: A True Story by Chris Chan. Art in the Blood by Scott Bond. The Commonplace Book. Baker Street Inventory. The Sherlockian Societies. … Continue reading Winter 2019 BSJ

The 2020 BSI Weekend Report

Celebrating the 166th birthday of Sherlock Holmes, the 2020 BSI Weekend took place in New York City with events from January 15-19, including the BSI Dinner on Friday January 17. After 23 years leading the Baker Street Irregulars, Mike Whelan handed over a ceremonial gavel to Michael Kean who is now the new "Wiggins" of … Continue reading The 2020 BSI Weekend Report