A Masterpiece of Villainy (“The Norwood Builder”)

A Masterpiece of Villainy dustjacket cover

A Masterpiece of Villainy. A Facsimile of the Original Manuscript of “The Adventure of the Norwood Builder” by Arthur Conan Doyle with Annotations and Commentary. Edited, with an Introduction, by Ross E. Davies, BSI. A dramatic entrance precedes a story involving disappearance, vengeance, fingerprints, bones, and a major challenge for Sherlock Holmes. A Masterpiece of … Continue reading A Masterpiece of Villainy (“The Norwood Builder”)

Referring to My Notes

Referring to My Notes dustjacket cover

Referring to My Notes: Music and the Sherlockian Canon. Edited by Alexander Katz, BSI and Karen Wilson. The violin, a gramophone, and a vocal prima donna all play integral roles in the Canon. Much has been learned since Guy Warrack’s Sherlock Holmes and Music (1947), and Referring to My Notes brings a fresh perspective. A … Continue reading Referring to My Notes

Register for the 2022 BSI Weekend

Register for the 2022 BSI Weekend

Registration and reservations are now open for the BSI Weekend to be held from Wednesday January 12, 2022 through Sunday January 16, 2022 in New York City. Sherlock Holmes's birthday is celebrated every January in New York City. The Weekend is always fun, filled with formal and informal opportunities for Sherlockians new and old to … Continue reading Register for the 2022 BSI Weekend

BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual cover

The 100-Year Adventure of The Unique Hamlet. Edited by Richard Sveum. When Vincent Starrett wrote “The Unique Hamlet,” he had no idea that his little satire would later be viewed as one of the best Sherlock Holmes pastiches, or that his 1920 Christmas book would become a rare collectible. We celebrate its centennial by publishing … Continue reading BSJ 2020 Christmas Annual