The 2021 BSI Weekend Report

Nina Capone Singleton, Michael Kean, and Bonnie MacBird at the 2021 BSI Dinner

For the first time in its history, the BSI Weekend took place online, with events from January 7-10, including the BSI Dinner on Friday January 8, 2021.

The virtual events allowed more people to attend the activities, with almost 400 watching the BSI Distinguished Speaker Lecture by Andrew Lycett.

The annual BSI Dinner featured the traditional toasts, papers, and birthday honours. Ten Sherlockians received investitures, including Dan Andriacco, Deborah Clark, Carla Coupe, Ann Margaret Lewis, Steve Mason, Ashley Polasek, Svend Ranild, Alan Rettig, Tracy Revels, and Ray Riethmeier.

More details are available in the Spring 2021 BSJ.

And below is a photo taken at the 2022 BSI Dinner of many of the Sherlockians who received their Investiture or the Two-Shilling award in 2021.

BSI Honours: Investitures from the 2021 BSI Dinner

From Left to Right: Alan Rettig, Dan Andriacco, Deborah Clark, Steve Mason, Ann Margaret Lewis, Ray Riethmeier, Ashley Polasek, James Saunders (Two-Shilling), and Ralph Hall (Two-Shilling). (Click photo to see larger image)

More from the 2021 BSI Weekend

Andrew Lycett, Steve Doyle and Steve Rothman give talks during the 2021 BSI Weekend

At top of page: Nina Capone Singleton, Michael Kean, Bonnie MacBird. At bottom: Andrew Lycett, Steve Doyle, Steve Rothman.

2020 Morley-Montgomery Award Winner (given during the 2021 BSI Weekend)

Photos by Ben Vizoskie & Randall Stock