Saratoga: At the Rail

Saratoga: At the Rail cover

Saratoga: At the Rail –
From “Silver Blaze” to “Shoscombe Old Place.”

Edited by
Candace J. Lewis and Roger Donway.

The Baker Street Irregulars Press has published a third collection of delightful and ground-breaking essays to mark the triennial running of the “Silver Blaze” Race at Saratoga Raceway. The new volume focuses on the two Sherlockian adventures concerned with horseracing: “Silver Blaze” and “Shoscombe Old Place.” But the topics of the book ‘s essays range widely—from art to aphorisms, and anti-Semitism to canines, corpses, and crime.

Candace Lewis examines three of the best-known illustrators of the Sherlock Holmes stories, setting them in the context of the fine arts and commercial arts of the times. Hartley Nathan poses the question, “Does crime pay?” by scrutinizing the profitability of criminal activities in SILV and SHOS. Clifford Goldfarb offers an in-depth account of how a dog that did nothing in the night-time has become a metaphor for nearly everything. Charles Blanksteen weighs the case for Conan Doyle being anti-Semitic using evidence from his writings and activities. Lastly, Roger Donway searches for the original of the racehorse, Shoscombe Prince and discovers remarkable parallels with Conan Doyle’s life.

79 pages, 10″ x 7″ paperback, August 2015
With 20 black & white and 18 color illustrations

Saratoga: At the Rail

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Table of Contents

by Candace J. Lewis and Roger Donway

Three Artist-Illustrators: From “Silver Blaze” to “Shoscombe Old Place”
by Candace J. Lewis

Some Musings on Dogs That Do and Dogs That Don’t (Bark)
by Clifford S. Goldfarb

Crime Doesn’t Pay — Or Does It?
by Hartley R. Nathan

“In the Hands of the Jews”: Anti-Semitism in “Shoscombe Old Place”
by Charles Blanksteen

Who Was Shoscombe Prince?
by Roger Donway

A Tribute to Wayne and Francine Swift
by Peter E. Blau


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