BSJ 2013 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2013 Christmas Annual cover

Disaster at the New Century.
Sherlock Holmes: A New Play in Three Acts
by Ouida Rathbone.
Based on the Original Stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Edited and introduced by Nicholas Utechin.

The 2013 Christmas Annual offers the first-ever publication of the 1953 play starring Basil Rathbone as Holmes. The play, written by his wife Ouida Rathbone, closed after just three performances on Broadway. Nicholas Utechin provides a fine introduction and the story behind the play.

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A Short Commentary on Some Practical Matters.

Characters in the Order of Their Appearance.

Act One, Scene 1: (Evening) 221B Baker Street, London, March 1895.

Act One, Scene 2: (Same night) Eduardo Lucas’ small study at 16 Godolphin Square.

Act One, Scene 3: (Same night) Irene Adler’s dressing room at Queen’s Hall.

Act Two, Scene 1: (Same night) 221B Baker Street.

Act Two, Scene 2: (Early hours following morning) Oberstein’s sitting room at 13 Caulfield Gardens.

Act Two, Scene 3: (3 days later) Professor Moriarty’s Swiss chalet overlooking the Reichenbach Falls

Act Three: (Two months later) Professor Moriarty’s Swiss chalet.


Oh, Dear, Mr. Holmes—Oh, Dear
by Jean Upton and Roger Johnson


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