The Grand Game Vol. Two: 1960–2010

The Grand Game Vol. Two: 1960–2010 cover

The Grand Game:
A Celebration of Sherlockian Scholarship
Volume Two: 1960–2010.

Edited by
Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger.

The second volume of The Grand Game, which covers the past half-century (1960–2010), completes the carefully selected sampling of the best and most important pieces of Sherlockian scholarship and speculation since the inception of “the grand game” over a century ago.

The Grand Game, Volume Two contains over 60 prime examples of Sherlockian criticism published during the last 50 years. Like Volume One, it is edited with an introduction and commentary by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger.

The Grand Game has been both a critical and commercial success. Volume One contained many of the classic pieces of “the higher criticism” published between 1902 and 1959. Volume Two highlights contributions since 1960. The first volume contained articles by many notable early Sherlockians. There are a great many recognizable names contained in Volume Two, including William S. Baring-Gould, Tupper Bigelow, Bernard Davies, Lord Donegal, Trevor Hall, and Michael Harrison. Newer, important articles by Peter E. Blau, David Hammer, William Hyder, Wayne Swift, Jack Tracy and Nicholas Utechin are also collected in the new volume.

Praise for Volume One:
“If your shelves can only accommodate a handful of Sherlockian volumes, this should be one of them.”
—Jon L. Breen, Mystery Scene Magazine

408 pages, hardcover, January 2012
With more than 60 photographs & illustrations

The Grand Game Vol. Two

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Table of Contents for The Grand Game Volume Two

Publisher’s Preface
by Michael F. Whelan

A Note on the Texts and Acknowledgements
by John Bergquist

by Leslie S. Klinger

1960: The Curious Behavior of the Ritual in the Daytime
by Poul and Karen Anderson

1961: The Blue Enigma
by S. Tupper Bigelow

1962: Dr. John H. Watson at Netley (excerpt)
by Elliot Kimball

1962: Meeting in Montenegro: June 1891
by William S. Baring-Gould

1962: Baker Street Finance
by A.M. Robertson

1962: The Mews of Marylebone
by Bernard Davies

1963: Lunatic Banker’s Royal Client — Dr. Watson Tries Semi-Fiction
by Lord Donegall

1963: The Unknown Watson
by H.B. Williams

1963: Where Was the ‘Bar of Gold’?
by Alan Wilson

1964: Some Chemical Problems in the Canon
by Donald A. Redmond

1964: Seventeen Out of Twenty-Three
by Henry T. Folsom

1966: The Jezail Bullet
by W.B. Hepburn

1967: Conan Doyle’s Dying Detective
by William Ober

1967: “I Have My Eye on a Suite in Baker Street” (excerpt)
by William S. Baring-Gould

1967: The Truth About Moriarty
by W.S. Bristowe

1967: Baskerville Hall
by Roger Lancelyn Green

1968: Reflections on The Sign of Four, or, Oreamnosis Once Removed
by Percy Metcalfe

1969: Sherlock Holmes and the Railways
by B.D.J. Walsh

1969: The Early Years of Sherlock Holmes
by Trevor H. Hall

1970: A Tourist Guide to the London of Sherlock Holmes (excerpt)
by Charles O. Merriman

1971: “Our Client’s Foot upon the Stair”
by James Edward Holroyd

1972: The Engineer’s Thumb
by D. Martin Dakin

1972: Mr. Holmes Comes to Town
by Michael Harrison

1974: A Note on “The Five Orange Pips”
by Ian Mcqueen

1975: The Guns of Sherlock Holmes
by Scott McMillan and Garry James

1975: Who Was Tonga?
by Julia Carlson Rosenblatt

1976: The Case Against Mr. Holmes
by Andrew G. Fusco

1976: The Amoral Mr. Holmes
by Belden Wigglesworth

1976: “The Matter Is a Perfectly Trivial One…”
by Peter E. Blau

1976: Who Was Mrs. Turner?
by Michael Clark

1980: Who was Porlock
by Donald Alan Webster

1980: The Commonplace Murder of Mary Sutherland
by Howard Brody

1982: “Tra-la-la-lira-lira-lay”
by Robert E. Robinson

1983: Cornwall and the Devil’s Foot
by David L. Hammer

1984: The Priory School Map: A Re-Examination
by Irving Kamil

1985: The True Identity of Stapleton
by Shin-Ichi Kanto

1987: Your Department, Watson?
by Grant Eustace

1988: Ballarat Revisited
by Alan Olding

1988: The Secret Life of Mycroft Holmes
by Steven Rothman

1988: A Suggested Two-Thirds of “The Missing Three-Quarter”
by Marshall S. Berdan

1989: “It Is Horribly Contagious”
by Robert Katz

1991: The Martha Myth
by William Hyder

1991: Silver Blaze — A Corrected Identification
by Wayne B. Swift

1994: “I came to Baker-street by the Underground”
by Roger Johnson

1994: The Polyphonic Motets of Lassus
by Edward R. Staubach

1995: Scandal And Reunion
by June Thomson

1996: “What Was the Month?”
by John Hall

1996: The Odessa File — Sherlock Holmes and Imperial Russia
by Wladimir V. Bogomoletz

1996: Headlines and Deadlines: How Sherlock Holmes Used the Press
by Peter Calamai

1997: The Boys in the (Speckled) Band
by Chris Redmond

1998: Who Was Bruce-Partington? (excerpt)
by Michael Kean

1999: Operation Bruce-Partington
by Reggie Musgrave

2001: The Path of the Colonel’s Bullet
by Leslie S. Klinger

2002: A Vindication of Stapleton
by Donald A. Yates

2003: “The Politician, The Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant”
by Nicholas Utechin

2005: A GLORious History
by Rosane Mcnamara

2006: A Norwegian Named Sigerson
by Nils Nordberg

2006: Case Closed — The Long Island Cave Mystery Solved
by Steven T. Doyle

2007: Watson’s War Wound
by Laurie R. King

2008: “Angels of Darkness” and A Study in Scarlet: Can They Both Be True?
by Greg Darak

2009: Controversity Debate
by Nicholas Utechin and Guy Marriott


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