Papers at an Exhibition

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Papers at an Exhibition –
Arthur Conan Doyle:
A Sesquicentennial Assessment.

Edited by Peter X. Accardo, John Bergquist,
and Dan Posnansky.

The Houghton Library at Harvard sponsored a three-day symposium on 7-9 May 2009 entitled “Arthur Conan Doyle: A Sesquicentennial Assessment.” The symposium consisted of four academic sessions with fourteen presentations. This volume includes all the essays read at the symposium. These essays broaden our understanding of Doyle in light of recent biographical studies; examine the enduring popularity of the Sherlockian Canon; revisit his non-canonical fiction, historical and social writings; and witness Doyle’s legacy as promoted by literary societies and through teaching.

Edited by Peter X. Accardo, John Bergquist and Dan Posnansky, the Symposium Proceedings include papers by Doyle biographers Andrew Lycett and Daniel Stashower; by professors Giles Constable, Eve Mayer, and Charles J. Rzepka; and by such other experts as Thomas J. Francis, Leslie Klinger, Glen Miranker, Richard Olken, Steve Rothman, and Randall Stock.

254 pages, hardcover, January 2010

Papers at an Exhibition

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List of Papers

“I Read it Young When My Mind Was Plastic”: Arthur Conan Doyle on Edgar Allan Poe
by Daniel Stashower, BSI

Sherlock Holmes and History
by Professor Giles Constable, Institute for Advanced Study

There’s More to Conan Doyle than Sherlock Holmes
by Thomas J. Francis, BSI

Reflections on Conan Doyle Biography
by Andrew Lycett

“America, America, Here I Come!”
by Dan Posnansky, BSI

Conan Doyle’s Mormons: A Study in Black, White, and Scarlet
by Eve Mayer, Harvard University

Sherlock Holmes in American Popular Culture
by Glen Miranker, BSI

A Study in Correspondence
by Leslie S. Klinger, BSI

Holmes-Coming for What-Son? Charles Doyle’s Failed Nostos
by Professor Charles J. Rzepka, Boston University

The Manuscript of ‘The Adventure of the Three Students’ and Its Publication in Facsimile
by John Bergquist, BSI

A Sherlock Holmes Census: What’s Really Out There
by Randall Stock, BSI

Christopher Morley: Reading, Reviewing and Reichenbach
by Steven Rothman, BSI

H. W. Bell: A Chronology of His Adventures
by Peter X. Accardo, Houghton Library, Harvard University

“Children Yet Unborn (How We Envy Them!)”: Teaching Conan Doyle
by Richard Olken, BSI

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Published in conjunction with the symposium, So Painful a Scandal provides a facsimile of the original manuscript for “The Three Students” and associated essays.

A signed, limited edition version of Papers at an Exhibition is also part of the BSI’s Harvard Trilogy Boxed Set.

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