A Tangled Skein

A Tangled Skein cover

A Tangled Skein:
A Companion Volume to The Baker Street Irregulars’
Expedition to The Country of the Saints.

Edited by Leslie S. Klinger.

In 2008, The Baker Street Irregulars mounted a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to Salt Lake City to consider the history of the Old West, the Mormons, the mid-nineteenth century, and the American half of A Study in Scarlet. Important not only for its portrayal of Utah and the American West, A Study in Scarlet is also, after all, the Book of Genesis of the Sherlockian Canon.

Despite the widespread intercourse between America and England in the late Victorian era, misconceptions and myths about America persisted in English minds and made their way into the Sherlockian Canon. In particular, A Study in Scarlet depicts evil Mormons forcing Lucy Ferrier into polygamy. As you will read in this fascinating volume, the truth is somewhat different. From the history of Mormon settlement in Utah to Beeton’s Christmas Annual’s publication history, A Tangled Skein touches upon the full spectrum of topics related to A Study in Scarlet.

160 pages, trade paperback, September 2008

A Tangled Skein

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