Winter 2018 BSJ

The Winter 2018 BSJ cover

The Winter 2018 Baker Street Journal includes these articles: The Editor’s Gas-Lamp. The Origins of Sherlock Holmes: Crime Fiction before Conan Doyle by Leslie S. Klinger. Follow the Money: How Mycroft Became the British Government by Ann Margaret Lewis. The Forgotten Man: Henry Littlejohn and Sherlock Holmes by Daniel Smith. Nearly an Intimate Encounter: Conan … Continue reading Winter 2018 BSJ

BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual

The BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual cover

The Exhibitionists:  Sherlock Holmes in London 1951 and New York 1952. By Mattias Boström and Nicholas Utechin. In a time of austerity and rationing after WWII, the 1951 Festival of Britain celebrated the best of Britain. And what better figurehead, then, than Sherlock Holmes. The extraordinarily successful exhibition ran from May until September 1951 and … Continue reading BSJ 2018 Christmas Annual

2018 Morley-Montgomery Award

Leslie S. Klinger

The winner of the 2018 Morley-Montgomery Award is Leslie S. Klinger. His paper, “The Origins of Sherlock Holmes: Crime Fiction before Conan Doyle,” appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of the Baker Street Journal. The Morley-Montgomery Award is given each year for the best article to appear in The Baker Street Journal, and comes with … Continue reading 2018 Morley-Montgomery Award

Deadly Harpoon (“Black Peter”)

Deadly Harpoon (Black Peter) dustjacket cover

Deadly Harpoon. A Facsimile of the Original Manuscript of “The Adventure of Black Peter” by Arthur Conan Doyle with Annotations and Commentary. Edited & introduced by Glen Miranker, BSI. A man is found pinned to the wall by a harpoon. Jealousy and domestic violence are at the forefront. These are the salient features of “Black … Continue reading Deadly Harpoon (“Black Peter”)

Canon Law

Canon Law dustjacket cover

Canon Law: Lawyers, Law and the Sherlockian Canon. Edited & introduced by William A. Walsh, BSI, and Donny Zaldin, BSI. Murder, blackmail, domestic strife, imprisonment. Without all of these, there would be no need for Sherlock Holmes. Canon Law examines nearly every aspect of the legal profession and the laws themselves as they are represented … Continue reading Canon Law

Autumn 2018 BSJ

The Autumn 2018 BSJ cover

The Autumn 2018 Baker Street Journal includes these articles: The Editor’s Gas-Lamp. More Textual Variations in “The Resident Patient” by Ira Brad Matetsky. A Crime Scene in “The Resident Patient” and The Three Imposters by Nick Louras. “Have you seen the evening paper?”: An Examination of Holmes’s Advertisement in A Study in Scarlet by Jessica … Continue reading Autumn 2018 BSJ