The 2023 BSI Weekend Report

Retiring BSJ Editor Steve Rothman and new BSJ Editor Dan Andriacco

The 2023 BSI Weekend took place from January 4-8 in New York City, with the BSI Dinner on Friday, January 6.

After a record of 23 years as the editor of the Baker Street Journal, Steve Rothman is retiring and will become editor emeritus. Dan Andriacco is the new editor of the BSJ.

More BSI Weekend details will be available in the Spring 2023 BSJ.

And below is a photo of the eleven Sherlockians receiving Investiture certificates at the 2023 BSI Dinner, along with the winner of the Two-Shilling award.

BSI Honours: Investitures at the 2023 BSI Dinner

From Left to Right Standing: Palle Schantz Lauridsen, Elaine Coppola, David Harnois, Cindy Brown, John C. Sherwood, Lee Shackleford, James C. O’Leary, Greg D. Ruby (Two-Shilling); and Seated: Takahiko Endo, Erika Dowell, Dore Nash, and Roberta Pearson. (Click photo to see larger image)

2022 Morley-Montgomery Award Winner (given during the 2023 BSI Weekend)

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Photos by Ben Vizoskie