Referring to My Notes

Referring to My Notes dustjacket cover

Referring to My Notes:
Music and the Sherlockian Canon.

Edited by Alexander Katz, BSI and
Karen Wilson.

The violin, a gramophone, and a vocal prima donna all play integral roles in the Canon. Much has been learned since Guy Warrack’s Sherlock Holmes and Music (1947), and Referring to My Notes brings a fresh perspective.

A stellar group of experts discuss various aspects of music in the world of Sherlock Holmes, music performance, and music history. Chapters cover subjects from violins to popular music, opera, theatrical musicals, and Irene Adler as operatic diva.

Written with the lay reader in mind, you don’t need to be a musicologist or virtuoso to enjoy this book. Tune up your imaginary violin, open this book, and prepare to be serenaded with articles by an orchestra of wise and witty Sherlockian scholars

184 pages, 9″ x 6″ hardcover, December 2021
With 5 color and 23 b&w illustrations

Referring to My Notes

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Table of Contents for Referring to My Notes

Foreword: Holmes and Music
by Nicholas Meyer

Maestro, Please: Co-Editors’ Introduction
by Alexander Katz and Karen Wilson

He Plays the Violin
The Violinist from Baker Street
by Jens Byskov Jensen

Remarkable and Eccentric … But Could He Play?
by Karen Wilson

A Gift from the Gods: Sherlock Holmes’s Stradivarius
by Jim Hawkins

The Woman, The Voice
Contralto Prima Donna
by Harrison Hunt

Irene Adler: Yankee Diva
by Sherry Rose-Bond

More Matters Musical
“The Mazarin Stone”: Music and Machinery
by Oliver Mundy

The Last Word on the Subject of Lassus
by Ann Margaret Lewis

Music in the World of Sherlock Holmes
“Vague Memories in our Souls”: Music in the Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
by Catherine Cooke

“Confound That Whining Music; It Gets on My Nerves!”: Popular Music in Holmes’s World
by Roger Johnson

Sherlock Holmes at the Opera
by Thomas Francis

“Off to Violin Land”: Bruce Dukov plays Sarasate in Granada’s Holmes
by Bonnie MacBird

Music Inspired by Sherlock Holmes
Music Men: Some Baker Street Irregular Musicians of the Past
by Linda and Harrison Hunt

The Plot is Afoot: Three Sherlock Holmes Musical Works for the Stage
by Paul Singleton

The Ensemble: Contributors

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