“A Quiet Air of Mastery”

A Quiet Air of Mastery front cover

“A Quiet Air of Mastery”:
An Appreciation of Michael Francis Whelan.

Edited by Leslie S. Klinger, BSI.

Michael Whelan was the fifth person to lead The Baker Street Irregulars. After twenty-three years at the helm and podium, he has placed an indelible mark on the organization and prepared us for the future.

“A Quiet Air of Mastery” is composed of reminiscences, anecdotes and history from Irregulars of all ages and backgrounds. Each interacted with Mike in a unique and memorable fashion, and they bring those memories to this book. We learn about Mike’s accomplishments and get key insights about the man and his leadership skills.

Mike Whelan managed to corral a rowdy band of Irregulars and get them to make many significant contributions to the Sherlockian world. They’re all described in detail and with eloquence in these pages. Read it and you’ll find out a lot about our Wiggins Emeritus and the BSI.

144 pages, 7″ x 10″ trade paperback, December 2020
With 54 color and 1 b&w illustrations

“A Quiet Air of Mastery”

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Table of Contents for “A Quiet Air of Mastery”

Editor’s Foreword
by Leslie S. Klinger, BSI

by Michael H. Kean ”Wiggins,” BSI

A Salute to Michael Whelan
by Marino C. Alvarez, BSI

Mike and the Northern Minnesotan
by John E. Bergquist, BSI

A Tribute to Mike Whelan
by Peter E. Blau, BSI

Michael Whelan, CEO of The Baker Street Irregulars, LLC
by Sherry Rose-Bond, BSI

A Moment of Serendipity
by Scott Bond, BSI

Thanks to Our Wiggins
by Henry Boote, BSI

Twenty-Plus Years of Sherlockian Friendship
by Don Curtis, BSI

The Curious Absence of Wiggins in the Spotlight
by Ross E. Davies, BSI

A Tribute to Wiggins Emeritus
by Helen Dorey, BSI

My Friend, Mike Whelan
by Steven T. Doyle, BSI

For the Sake of the Trust
by Thomas J. Francis, BSI

“Wiggins Too”
by Andrew G. Fusco, BSI

The India Chapter…or How Mike Brought India to BSI!
by Jayantika Ganguly, BSI

A Rare Combination
by Marcus Geisser, BSI

A Friendship in Retrospect: 1990-2020
by Ralph Hall, BSI

My 22-Year Journey with Michael Whelan
by Masamichi Higurashi, BSI

Michael Whelan: A Study in Amity
by Michael Homer, BSI

An Appreciation of Mike Whelan
by Thomas A. Horrocks, BSI

Thank You, Mike Whelan
by Donald B. Izban, BSI

Of Hoops and Ankles
by Robert S. Katz, BSI

Thanks for the Memories
by Francine Kitts, BSI

Not Enough Words
by Leslie S. Klinger, BSI

Mike Whelan—At the Races
by Candace J. Lewis, BSI

Memories About Mike Whelan
by Lou Lewis, BSI

Mike’s Two Great Contributions
by John M. Linsenmeyer, BSI

“…We have much to hope from the flowers.”
by Elaine McCafferty, BSI and Jonathan McCafferty, BSI

Datsuns, Doctor Watson, and Moonlight
by Michael McSwiggin, BSI

A Tribute to Michael Whelan
by Hartley R. Nathan, BSI

A Reminiscence
by Donald E. Novorsky, BSI

Michael F. Whelan
by Otto Penzler, BSI

Memories of Mike
by Susan Rice, BSI

A Recipe for Wiggins
by Albert M. Rosenblatt, BSI, Julia Carlson Rosenblatt, BSI, and Betsy Rosenblatt, BSI

The Phone Rang
by Steven Rothman, BSI

An Elevator Ride with Mike
by Gianluca Salvatori, BSI

A Study in White, Red and Green
by Enrico Solito, BSI

Tradition and Technology for the BSI
by Randall Stock, BSI

“Your pictures are not unlike you, sir”
by Ben Vizoskie, BSI

A Man of Letters
by Susan Vizoskie, BSI

Appendix: Mike and Irregulars Through the Years in Photos

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