Aboriginals (BSI Biography Series) front cover

The Earliest Baker Street Irregulars, 1934-1940.

By Harrison Hunt and Linda Hunt.

When Christopher Morley founded the Baker Street Irregulars in 1934, he brought along many distinguished friends and colleagues into the fold. This book presents capsule biographies and photographs of the earliest, “aboriginal,” Irregulars, — many of them remarkably accomplished individuals — including heretofore obscure solvers of the crossword puzzle that conferred membership to a fortunate few.

272 pages, 9″ x 6″ softcover, November 2019
With 100 b&w illustrations


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Table of Contents for “Aboriginals”

Foreword by Leslie S. Klinger
A Note on Sources

I. The Stalwarts
Morley, Christopher D.
Morley, Felix M.
Morley, Frank V.
Bell, H. W.
Briggs, Dr. Gray Chandler
Cumings, Thayer
Davenport, Basil
Davis, Elmer
Dodge, Laurence P.
Goodman, Dr. Charles
Greig, Peter
Hall, William Stanley
Haycraft, Howard
Keddie, James P. Sr.
Klinefelter, Walter
Leavitt, Robert K.
Macdonell, Archibald Gordon
Officer, Harvey
Smith, Edgar W.
Starrett, Vincent
Steele, Frederic Dorr
Stone, P. M.
Walbridge, Earle

II. Dinner Attendees
Bartlett, Edward Sr.
Bartlett, Edward Jr.
Benet, Stephen Vincent
Colling, Ernest S.
Connolly, John J.
Dimitrieff, N.V.
Doyle, Denis P.S. Conan
Force, Charles Warren
Forman, Henry James
Gillette, William
Goodman, Dr. Jack
Hazard, Harry W. Jr.
Henry, Frank
Johnson, Malcolm
Jones, Warren
Kennerley, Mitchell P.
Littell, Robert
Mansbridge, F. Ronald
Marquis, Don
Marston, William Moulton
Martland, Dr. Harrison S.
Mendoza, Isaac
O’Neill, Francis
Price, Allan M.
Randall, David
Sterling, John C.
Stevens, George
Thomson, J.W.
Tunney, Gene
Underwood, Pierson
Weber, William C.
Williams, Lawrence S.
Williams, Peter
Winterich, John T.

III. The Irregular Irregulars
Abbott, Franklin
Clendening, Logan
Doubleday, Nelson
Fuller, R. Buckminster and Anne Hewlett
Kent, Henry Watson
Strunsky, Simeon
Woollcott, Alexander

IV. Crossword Puzzle Solvers
Barton, Doris E.
Cohn, Dr. Adele B.
Coit, Emily S.
Colie, Runyon
Cowdell, Ruth M.
Dawson, Dorothy E.
Fellows, Katherine
Ferguson, J. DeLancey
Ford, Norman C.
Fry, Frances Elizabeth
Fry, Lawford Howard
Guernsey, George Jr. and Joyce
Jackson, Henry H. and Family
Long, Velma
Lowther, George
March, Benjamin
Packard, M.S.
Reinke, Harrison
Robertson, Stuart
Spence, Cecil
Staff of Mrs. Cowlin’s Open Book Shop, Elgin, Ill.
McMahon, Katherine
Norton, Gladys
West, Dorothy Beverly
Stahl, Horace R.
Williams, Alexander W.
Williams, Mrs. C. C.

Appendix I
Dinner Attendees, June 1934 to January 1940

Appendix II
Others on the 1940 Dinner mailing list

Appendix III
Christ Cella

Appendix IV
“Extras” From The 1940 BSI Dinner


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