Mobile Holmes

Mobile Holmes cover

Mobile Holmes:
Transportation in the Canon.

Edited & introduced by
Walter Jaffee, BSI.

Sherlock Holmes is indelibly associated with Baker Street. But as we know, he traveled throughout London, throughout England, and to other parts of the world. Clients came to consult him as well. Those travels required the use of various forms of transportation.

This unique volume covers all of those modes of movement. Starting with walking, the book then covers horses, carriages, railroads, ships (both surface vessels of all types and submarines), bicycles, automobiles, and even airplanes. An erudite group of scholars with singular expertise in each field have contributed chapters which are both informative and entertaining. Each chapter discusses the history and technical aspects of the subject, all the while relating issues directly to the Canon. Anyone from the neophyte to the most experienced of Sherlockians will find something novel and interesting here.

It’s sometimes been said that everything worth writing about Holmes has already been written. This volume of essays, accompanied by excellent illustrations, disproves that concept.

278 pages, 9″ x 6″ trade paperback, December 2017
With 158 b&w illustrations

Mobile Holmes

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Table of Contents for Mobile Holmes

by Walter Jaffee, Editor

“What Do You Say to a Ramble Through London?”
by Catherine Cooke

Horsing Around With Holmes
by Roger Donway

Illustrating Horses for the Many Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
by Candace J. Lewis

The Trappings of Sherlock Holmes
by Ray Bennett

Joseph Hansom’s Wonderful Cab
by Guy Marriott and Catherine Cooke

Horse Cabs, Carriages and Commercial Vehicles
by Guy Marriott

On A Bicycle Built For …
by Richard Olken

The Bicycle as a Tool for the Modem Detective
by John Postovit

Sherlock Holmes on the Rails
by John Baesch

Sherlock Down the Tubes
by John Durein

“Start Her Up, Watson,” Horsepower in the Canon
by Marcus Geisser

At Sea on Ships and Boats
by Walter Jaffee

“… Underhand, Unfair and Damned Un-English …”
by Philip and Jane Weller

by Mark Mower

Sherlock Holmes and Aeroplanes
by Chuck Winge


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