Sherlockian Saturdays at the Pratt

Sherlockian Saturdays at the Pratt cover

Sherlockian Saturdays at the Pratt.

Edited & introduced by William Hyder.

Inspired by a passage in Christopher Morley’s preface to Doubleday’s The Complete Sherlock Holmes, in which Morley recalled walking to “the old Enoch Pratt free library” to borrow “a Conan Doyle he had not read,” Baltimore area Sherlockians established a Weekend with Sherlock Holmes in 1980. Thirty-five years later, the Six Napoleons of Baltimore and its offshoot, the Carlton Club, continue to team up with the Pratt Library and present a symposium on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great detective.

During the course of the past three-plus decades, a remarkable variety of canonical scholarship has been presented at this annual event, now called “A Saturday with Sherlock Holmes.” For this volume, Bill Hyder, who took over the reins from founder Phil Sherman in 1996, has carefully selected papers representing the program’s entire span, from the earliest years to the present, on a variety of subject matter. The result is an estimable anthology of traditional Sherlockian scholarship that would grace the shelf of any Holmes enthusiast.

“A splendid survey of three decades of Canonical scholarship.”
—Peter E. Blau, Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press

192 pages, 10″ x 7″ trade paperback, August 2014
With 13 b&w illustrations

Sherlockian Saturdays at the Pratt

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Table of Contents for Sherlockian Saturdays at the Pratt

by William Hyder

The Baltimore Connection: Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Morley (1987)
by Steven Rothman

In Search of a Childhood (2000)
by Beth Austin

Sherlock Holmes — Misogynist? (1985)
by Daniel F. Thomas

A Villa in Sussex (2011)
by W. Glenn Lieske

Active in Retirement: Sherlock Holmes on the South Downs (2003)
by Deborah Clark

Sherlock Holmes and the Police (1995)
by William Hyder

Holmes in America (1986)
by Philip K. Wilson

The Writings of Sherlock Holmes (1986)
by Andrew Lee Solberg

John H. Watson, M.D.: Non-Surgical Surgeon (1982)
by Dr. Robert S. Katz

The Wives of Dr. Watson (2010)
by Daniel F. Thomas

Watson in Love (2002)
by Dana Richards

Sherlock Holmes Offstage (2001)
by Deborah Clark

Women in The Hound of the Baskervilles (1989)
by Sandra J. Ailiff

Tracking the Hound (2001)
by Andrew Lee Solberg

The Ones that Got Away (1995)
by Marshall S. Berdan

Loose Ends and Broken Threads: The Failures of Sherlock Holmes (2003)
by Dana Richards

Illustrious and Titled Clients (2005)
by Daniel F. Thomas

Con Artists and Impostors (2009)
by Evelyn Herzog and John Baesch

A Study in Landladies (1985)
by Dr. Robert S. Katz

Secret Societies in the Adventures (1994)
by John Pforr

Painting in the Canon (2008)
by James H. Arva

Canonical Restaurants and Inns (1996)
by John Pforr

Sherlock Holmes and the Press (1982)
by William Hyder

Trincomalee and Trepoff: Holmes in the Headlines (1998)
by Peter Calamai

Enter Basil Rathbone (1995)
by James H. Arva

A Brief Film History of John H. Watson, M.D. (1990)
by James H. Arva

Poe Sets the Pattern (2004)
by Beth Austin

Encounter in Westminster Churchyard (2004)
by William Hyder

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