Irregular Crises of the Late ‘Forties

Irregular Crises of the Late Forties cover

Irregular Crises of the Late ‘Forties.

Edited by Jon L. Lellenberg.

Part of the BSI archival-history series, Irregular Crises covers Summer 1947 to December 1950 and reveals the BSI’s narrow escape from extinction as the Original Series BSJ failed, the venerable Murray Hill Hotel where it had met since 1940 was torn down, and the annual dinner and BSI scion societies grew beyond Morley’s expectations or desires.

508 pages, 8.5″ x 5.5″ paperback, 1999.
With photos including BSI Dinner 1949 & 1950 on fold-outs.

Irregular Crises of the Late ‘Forties

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Table of Contents for Irregular Crises

Introduction: “There Shall Be No Annual Dinner”

The Rest of 1947: “Nothing To Do But Cut Cable”

Helene Yuhasova: Fact or Fiction?
by Bliss Austin

The Care and Feeding of Irregulars

The First Half of 1948: “Incorporated”

The Trained Cormorants
by Don Hardenbrook

Louis Greenfield: Unpaid, Unrecognized, and Unremembered

The Rest of 1948: “500 Oxen to Tread”

Sons of the Copper Beeches
by Thomas Hart

Pursuing an Irregular Canon: The Limited Editions Club and the BSI

“Those Dreadful Boys”

1949: “The Standard Doyle Company”

The Original Series BSJ
by Philip A. Shreffler

Hugo’s Companions
by Matthew R. Fairlie

1950: “No Martlands”


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About the Series

The Baker Street Irregulars, the literary society focused on Sherlock Holmes, publishes a BSI History & Biography series about the organization and its members.

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