Irregular Proceedings of the Mid ‘Forties

Irregular Proceedings of the Mid Forties cover

Irregular Proceedings of the Mid ‘Forties.

Edited by Jon L. Lellenberg.

Part of the BSI archival-history series, Irregular Proceedings begins in Autumn 1943 and covers the period from the Trilogy Dinner in March 1944 to Christopher Morley’s declaration in June 1947 that there would be no more BSI annual dinners. It includes the explosion of scion society activity after the publication of Profile by Gaslight and the founding of The Baker Street Journal.

392 pages, 8.5″ x 5.5″ paperback, 1995.
With photos including BSI Dinner 1946 & 1947 on fold-outs.

Irregular Proceedings of the Mid ‘Forties

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Table of Contents for Irregular Proceedings

Introduction: “Absurd and Trivial Memories”

The Trilogy Dinner: “Legend Come to Life”

Profile by Gaslight: The Deeper Reality

Scowrers and Molly Maguires
by Ted Schulz

1944: “How the Time Passes!”

Profile of an Irregular
by Ronald Mansbridge

1945: “Strange and Deluded Creatures”

Profile of a Scionist
by Hugh Harrington

The Amateur Mendicant Society

1946: “So Much by So Many for So Few”

The Six Napoleons of Baltimore

Farewell to Parlors F and G

1947: “Not a Club of Hokinsonians”


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About the Series

The Baker Street Irregulars, the literary society focused on Sherlock Holmes, publishes a BSI History & Biography series about the organization and its members.

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