“Dear Starrett – ” / “Dear Briggs – “

"Dear Starrett – " / "Dear Briggs – " book cover

“Dear Starrett – “
“Dear Briggs – “.

Edited by
John Nieminski &
Jon L. Lellenberg.

Before the formation of the BSI, Vincent Starrett and Gray Chandler Briggs carried out their own Sherlockian studies. This first volume of the BSI archival-history series offers a fascinating collection of their correspondence from 1930-1934, along with invaluable annotations and related essays.

128 pages, 8.5″ x 5.5″ paperback, 1989.
With a photo and a facsimile letter

“Dear Starrett – ” / “Dear Briggs – “

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Ears Attuned to Catch the Distant View-Halloo
by Jon L. Lellenberg

Letters by Vincent Starrett & Gray Chandler Briggs

Appendix A: Two letters by Briggs to the press

Appendix B: Three letters by Starrett to others

Appendix C: Sidelights on The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
by James Bliss Austin

Verse: Ballade
by Walter Klinefelter

Notes on the Correspondence: These Relics Have a History, Then?
by Jon L. Lellenberg

Final Words: An Open Letter to the Baker Street Irregulars
by Vincent Starrett


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About the Series

The Baker Street Irregulars, the literary society focused on Sherlock Holmes, publishes a BSI History & Biography series about the organization and its members.

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