Holmes & Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles

Key to Story Names

(in order by abbreviation)

Abbrev.Story Title
ABBEAbbey Grange
BERYBeryl Coronet
BLACBlack Peter
BLANBlanched Soldier
BLUEBlue Carbuncle
BOSCBoscombe Valley Mystery
BRUCBruce-Partington Plans
CARDCardboard Box
CHASCharles Augustus Milverton
COPPCopper Beeches
CREECreeping Man
CROOCrooked Man
DANCDancing Men
DEVIDevil’s Foot
DYINDying Detective
EMPTEmpty House
ENGREngineer’s Thumb
FINAFinal Problem
FIVEFive Orange Pips
GLOR“Gloria Scott”
GOLDGolden Pince-Nez
GREEGreek Interpreter
HOUNHound of the Baskervilles
IDENCase of Identity
ILLUIllustrious Client
LADYLady Frances Carfax
LASTHis Last Bow
LIONLion’s Mane
MAZAMazarin Stone
MISSMissing Three-Quarter
MUSGMusgrave Ritual
NAVANaval Treaty
NOBLNoble Bachelor
NORWNorwood Builder
PRIOPriory School
REDCRed Circle
REDHRed-Headed League
REIGReigate Squires
RESIResident Patient
RETIRetired Colourman
SCANScandal in Bohemia
SECOSecond Stain
SHOSShoscombe Old Place
SIGNSign of the Four
SILVSilver Blaze
SIXNSix Napoleons
SOLISolitary Cyclist
SPECSpeckled Band
STOCStockbroker’s Clerk
STUDStudy in Scarlet
SUSSSussex Vampire
THORThor Bridge
3GABThree Gables
3GARThree Garridebs
3STUThree Students
TWISMan with the Twisted Lip
VALLValley of Fear
VEILVeiled Lodger
WISTWisteria Lodge
YELLYellow Face

These abbreviations devised by Jay Finley Christ are provided as an aid to readers of Sherlockian scholarship. Story titles are shortened above to conserve space. We also have a printable list of Holmes story title abbreviations (PDF).

When writing articles for the Baker Street Journal, story names should be in roman within double quotation marks (“The Speckled Band” not “The Speckled Band” or “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” or as SPEC). The four long stories should be in italics: A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Valley of Fear. Please note it is always The Sign of the Four not The Sign of Four.

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