Holmes & Watson in Silver Blaze

The BSI Trust
See online photos of BSI Dinners, explore the BSI Archive, listen to reminiscences of BSI members, and learn about BSI history.

Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press
Peter E. Blau’s invaluable monthly Sherlockian newsletter is available online for free.

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere
The first podcast for Sherlock Holmes devotees, by Sherlock Holmes devotees. Scott Monty and Burt Wolder regularly chat about Sherlockian pursuits and interview a wide variety of subjects, including authors, actors, organizers and more. Quick, Watson! Subscribe! (It’s free)

How To Start and Run a Sherlockian Group (PDF)
Judith Freeman has produced an incredibly helpful paper with many practical, essential tips for starting and running a Holmes group.

eBSJ and BSJ CD-ROM tips
For those of you who have purchased the e-Baker Street Journal (eBSJ or BSJ on CD-ROM) and wish to get some “insider’s tips.” Randall Stock provides some time-saving tricks to get the most out of your eBSJ.

Sherlockian Events Calendar
Ron Fish maintains a web page with details on Sherlockian events around the world.

The ultimate site of Sherlock Holmes-related links. Just about every link you could imagine.

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
Open to anyone with an interest in Sherlock Holmes, the SHSL has published the Sherlock Holmes Journal since 1952, offers a free newsletter, and organizes Excursions.

Sherlocktron, a collection of links to useful Sherlockian information including Scion societies, databases of Sherlockian films and pastiches, and much more.

DeWaal’s Universal Sherlock Holmes bibliography on-line and searchable via the University of Minnesota.

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