Holmes & Watson in Silver Blaze

If you have not received your BSJ issue, please follow these steps:

1) Check the status of our latest issue
Your issue might still be in the mail, and it is not considered late unless it is listed on our website as the current BSJ issue. Posts on Twitter or Facebook focus on printing and NOT on delivery status, so check the above link.

It can be 5 weeks from when the first person gets a BSJ issue until the last person receives their copy.

2) Know the sequence
The Winter issue arrives after the Christmas Annual.

If you are missing the Winter issue, check that Winter is either the current BSJ issue or that Spring of the following year is listed.

3) Contact Us
If our website listing includes your missing issue (and thus we think you should have received it), send us an email with the following information:
Your Name
Your Postal Address
Which issue (season and year) you are missing

Send this to service@bakerstreetirregulars.com
We are an all-volunteer nonprofit – it may take some time to respond.

Important Note
Replacement issues are reprinted and sent at about the same time as the next regular BSJ issue. That means it could be 3-5 months before you get the replacement copy.