Sherlock Holmes in the Boscombe Valley Mystery

We provide free indexes to a selection of our books. Use these indexes for research, or to get an idea of the types of information you’ll find in the book.

You can view the indexes in Adobe Reader, Apple Preview, or other PDF-reading software. The indexes are available below as separate files  or in a special enhanced-search collection.

While the BSI Books themselves are in printed hardcopy form, we hope you’ll find these electronic indexes to be useful. Send us email if you’d like more book indexes.

Special thanks to Adrian Nebbett, who prepared these indexes for the BSI.

Books are listed alphabetically by title.

Angels of Darkness (index, PDF)

Bohemian Souls (index, PDF)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (index, PDF)

Italy and Sherlock Holmes (index, PDF)

Mandate for Murder (index, PDF)

The Napoleon Bust Business (index, PDF)

Papers at an Exhibition (index, PDF)

So Painful a Scandal (index, PDF)

Enhanced Search Collection

The Collected index includes all the individual PDF files above, plus an Adobe PDF Catalog that allows you to search faster and across all the separate book indexes simultaneously.

The BSI Books Collected Index is available in a compressed ZIP package from the link below. You download this ZIP package, and unzip (extract or decompress) the files in the package. See the instructions PDF below for details on downloading, unzipping, and  using the enhanced search function.

Instructions for BSI Books Collected Index (PDF)

BSI Books Collected Index Package v 02 (ZIP, 1.8 MB)

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